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Save the Peas pusher trays

May 10, 2023

Save Time, Money and The Peas with Retail Space Solutions

If frozen foods could talk, they would ask for pusher trays from Retail Space Solutions® by name. See the three major benefits of adding pusher trays to your grocery store and Save the Peas!

By: George Grubb, Director of Sales – Southeast Region 

If frozen foods could talk, they would ask for pusher trays from Retail Space Solutions® by name. Forget about frozen foods falling from their shelves, hiding out in the back just out of reach or worse appearing out-of-stock. Retail Space Solutions understands the pain points grocers feel when it comes to frozen food display. That’s why the “Save The Peas” campaign was created to promote the benefits of pusher trays with a little bit of help from some frozen sweet peas.

See the three major benefits of adding pusher trays to your grocery store.

Pusher Trays Help Shoppers Find What They Need, Fast

Pusher trays keep frozen packages of all shapes and sizes front-faced and organized. When products remain organized, it makes product selection faster for in-store shoppers and online order fulfillment personnel.

With so many options, awestruck shoppers are often found rustling through the freezer with the door open. When shoppers can’t find what they need, they spend more time with the door open sending your store’s cold, hard profits right out the freezer door. This will increase the chance of shrink and spoilage.

They Help Employees Stock Faster

Many stores are finding themselves short-staffed. And less staff can lead to many issues, from long checkout lines to a lack of carts or baskets. Our pusher tray systems make restocking and stock rotation easy. At a glance, employees can see what products are running low. When it’s time to stock, pusher trays can easily slide outward for backfilling. Pusher trays will also automatically condition themselves, taking this off your employees’ to-do list.

And They Prevent False Out-Of-Stocks

False out-of-stocks are a fast way to lose money. Repeat out-of-stocks may even cause customers to lose their loyalty to a particular store or product and shop elsewhere. With pusher trays, it doesn’t matter if there are ten items left or just one, items will be held upright, front-faced and remain easy to browse.

Make locating frozen and refrigerated products in your store easy by improving your in-store display. With pusher trays from Retail Space Solutions, stores can improve product presentation, reduce out-of-stocks, and make restocking simple. Browse available options or request a free quote here or call 1-800-279-5291.