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Enjoy Simplicity and Eye-Catching Center Store Displays

Boxed and canned food, other grocery staples and candy all compete for shopper attention in the center of the store. Making it easier for customers to find their favorite items while maintaining the attractive appearance of your displays creates a better in-store experience for your shoppers and ultimately drives purchases. Nothing does this better than SimpliStock ™ Peg Pusher Trays, the innovative solution that keeps products front and center.

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Bagged Goods and Candy

Center store displays and fixtures depend on rigid organization to help shoppers quickly locate the products they need while maintaining organization. SimpliStock™ Peg Pusher Trays and the SimpliStock™ Wire and Metal System attach to your existing store fixtures and offer a cost-effective approach to keep bagged goods of various sizes organized and front-facing, creating an intuitive shopping experience.

Snack Foods

To fully deliver on their high-profit potential, snack foods must be easy for customers to find and easy for store employees to properly restock. SimpliStock™ Peg Pusher Trays and SimpliStock™ Wire and Metal System attach to your existing store fixtures for easy installation.

Another option is to use Magna-Bar™ for a simple, cost-effective and stand-alone alternative to store shelves that increases the visibility of snack foods, creating a better overall shopping experience.

Organize Center Store Displays Simply

Center store displays can quickly become disorganized and chaotic with day-to-day shopping activities. Our solutions are the answer to keep virtually any center store product accessible, manageable and clean.

Learn how to delight your customers and deliver results with attractive center store displays.