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Fixtures for Supermarket Produce Displays

Attractive produce displays that keep products forward-facing is key to increasing sales. SpaceGrid merchandising solutions, which are compatible with more than 97 percent of coolers in the United States, meet of all your grocery and retail produce display needs. Retail Space Solution’s supermarket produce display fixtures will minimize produce spoilage and will help shoppers find what they are looking for faster.

Packaged Salad

Stocking effortlessly and keeping bagged salads, clam shells and bowls fresh and easily accessible to shoppers drives quick-buying decisions and sales. The SpaceGrid® II solution is ideal to help you accomplish these goals.

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Salad Dressing

Versatility is necessary for attractively displaying different size salad dressing jars and bottles. SpaceDriver® II is perfect for premium displays while SpaceGrid® Shelf Retail Display Shelves work for smaller displays. When paired together, SpaceDriver® II and SpaceGrid® Shelf Retail Display Shelves allow you to group different products to accommodate all your salad dressing display needs.

Cut Vegetables

Keeping cut vegetables looking fresh and inviting minimizes shrink and maximizes sales. SpaceGrid® II allows you to automatically front-face products and create efficiencies in restocking while boosting cut vegetable sales. Keep fresh fruits and vegetables displayed attractively and minimize bruising with our industry-leading store fixtures.

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Fresh Herbs

Our solutions accommodate various herb packages, keeping products front-facing for gaining restocking efficiencies and quick-buying decisions. SpaceGrid® DoubleSpace™ Pusher Trays are the most popular solution for herbs, accommodating a variety of package widths. SpaceGrid® II is another popular grocery store option that automatically front-faces products allowing for efficiencies in restocking while boosting sales. For products that do not fit into pusher trays, you can opt for the SpaceGrid® Shelf Retail Display Shelves.

Industry Tips

The produce section is often the first thing shoppers see when they step into a store. Making sure this section is organized in an intuitive way for shoppers while also having a setup that minimizes worker upkeep is crucial to maximize profits.

Another component of produce sales that is important to shoppers is freshness. Along with that, there has been a move in recent years to focus on produce that is shrink-wrapped and pre-washed. This makes cooking easier for shoppers but shrink-wrapping produce can have an effect on shelf life. Produce in those conditions needs to be managed properly in order to make sure that the best products possible are presented to customers.

One way to do that is through our SpaceGrid II product. This product is compatible with a majority of grocery store coolers and keeps produce client-facing while helping to keep displays organized. There is also a channel system that is built into the trays that allows refrigerated air to flow through the entire display. This helps to maintain the freshness of products for longer.


The produce section typically isn’t one that features a lot of impulse purchases. Typically, shoppers come in with a pre-determined list of items for a meal plan . However, incorporating signage that inspires shoppers with specific meal ideas can lead to users deviating from their plans and buying more from the produce section.

On top of that, signs that provide more information on the shelf life of produce or good pairings with specific types of produce can give users more information about the items. Finding ways to intuitively communicate as much information as possible to shoppers will help produce section performance at your grocery stores.

The produce section has changed dramatically over the past few years. Keeping an eye on different trends and using those to inform future merchandising decisions is crucial to maximizing profits in that section. Vegetables are growing in popularity as more people turn to plant-based diets to improve their health. On top of that, there is an increase in pre-packaged, pre-cut, and pre-washed produce that makes cooking much easier for shoppers.

A rising trend is that users are becoming more environmentally conscious when it comes to their purchasing decisions. Incorporating transparency with shoppers is important, so including labels for organic, fair trade or non-GMO produce is becoming more important.

Create Pleasing Produce Displays

Disorganized products in the fresh and perishable category have a considerable risk of spoilage if they are not frequently rotated. Retail Space Solutions help you keep products where they belong and attractively presented to drive sales and decrease spoilage.

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