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We pioneer industry advances that are often imitated but never matched—either in product performance or service support.

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Pioneering Premium Products

Our durable merchandising solutions are built to withstand heavy use by shoppers and stockers. Their innovative designs reduce labor and shrink costs while maximizing the visual appeal of retail categories, delivering a sales lift after implementation.


SpaceGrid DoubleSpace
  • U.S. Pat. D843,760
  • U.S. Pat. D867,797
  • U.S. Pat. D879,521
  • U.S. Pat. D879,522
  • U.S. Pat. 11,045,017
  • U.S. Pat. 11,064,817
  • Other patent applications pending
SpaceGrid OpenView
  • Patent Pending
SpaceDriver II
  • U.S. Pat. 10,154,739
  • U.S. Pat. D801,734
  • U.S. Pat. 10,959,540
  • Other patent applications pending
SimpliStock Wire and Metal System
  • U.S. Pat. 11,045,017
SimpliStock Peg
  • U.S. Pat. 10,912,398