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Construct Versatile Frozen Food Displays

Frozen foods come in a variety of packaging sizes and materials. This, combined with routine customer shopping, can take a toll on frozen food displays. To create the organized experience your shoppers desire, you need versatile retail freezer display racks that withstand the rigors of the freezer and meet your unique space requirements.

Bagged Frozen

Maximize the appeal of frozen items like vegetables, chicken nuggets, french fries and more with our durable retail merchandising solutions. SpaceGrid® HiGlide™ Replace with SpaceGrid 2 Pusher Trays easily move merchandise like floppy bags of vegetables while being durable enough to withstand freezer environments. Another option is to use the SimpliStock™ Wire and Metal Shelves, which attach to your existing store fixtures, creating a seamless experience to showcase bagged frozen items.

Boxed Frozen

Keep boxed frozen foods like appetizers, snacks and dinners upright and front-facing, creating an easy-to-grab shopping experience for your customers. SpaceGrid® HiGlide™ Pusher Trays allow for faster restocking, meaning less open-door time for frozen foods. And when you want a frozen food display system that integrates into your existing display cases, SimpliStock Wire and Metal Shelves are the solution, accommodating multiple box sizes.

Maximize Space with Easy-to-Stock Frozen Displays

Keep frozen food products of all shapes and sizes front-faced and organized with retail merchandising solutions that are durable enough to withstand daily use in the freezer and minimize open-door time by making restocking faster.

Learn how to delight your customers and deliver results with attractive frozen food displays.

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