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Organized food on display at a grocery store using pusher trays

October 10, 2023

3 Ways Pusher Trays Can Make Grocery Stores More Sustainable (and Profitable)

Go green (and make more green) by upgrading to pusher trays at your grocery store. Here are three ways this can help the environment.

Customers feel good about supporting businesses that make environmentally conscious decisions. And while going green can sometimes come at a cost to the business, some environmentally friendly decisions can increase revenue too. Here are three ways grocery stores can be more sustainable by utilizing pusher tray systems to display produce, meats, dairy, snacks and frozen foods.

Pusher Trays Enforce Stock Rotation, Reduce Shrink

First in, first out (FIFO) is the best way to reduce shrink. The sooner older items can be sold, the sooner they can be used by consumers and avoid becoming waste.

Pusher trays pull out for easy stocking and their spring-loaded design pushes products forward in FIFO order. And wasted food isn’t just wasted food—consider the transportation costs, packaging waste and water waste as well.

Pusher Trays Reduce Cooling Costs, Energy Use

Pusher trays are an incredibly energy-efficient choice that helps properly circulate air, which reduces the foggy appearance on refrigerator and freezer doors. However, when a shopper stands with the door open for an extended period of time, this leads to temperature fluctuation and can cause premature spoilage and shrink.

Using pusher trays helps keep fresh and frozen items front-faced and organized. This makes for quicker buying decisions and less time with the freezer door open. This means reduced energy is needed to keep freezers cold which helps the bottom line and our planet too. Pusher trays like SpaceGrid® HiGlide can also be restocked quickly, meaning stores can have more efficient (and less cold) employees.

Pusher Trays Optimize Store Space So Less Can Sell More

As small and micro grocery stores continue to pop up around the nation, utilizing every inch of the sales floor is becoming even more important. Inflation is impacting the price of everything from energy to real estate, which makes smaller stores both financially and environmentally superior (and necessary when building in population-dense cities).

Pusher trays allow grocery stores to better use space. For example, SpaceGrid® II allows stores to increase packout by choosing from different tray depths and widths. Some pusher trays like SimpliStock™ Peg even allow for an additional row above the gondola for center store snack selections. Small stores have lower operating costs, consume less energy and can allow for more greenspace outside of stores.

Small in-store changes can make a world of difference… and a difference in our world. Take the first step towards a more sustainable, profitable grocery store. Browse our product catalog or request a quote.