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SpaceGrid® OpenView™ with Spring and Gravity Fed Shelf System

Packages are secure, organized and always in full view. This is the only lens free pusher tray solution on the market. This design allows retailers to put products on full display in an organized way for consumers.

SpaceGrid® OpenView™ is a first of its kind – the only lens-free pusher tray solution on the market. This pusher tray system works with existing or new SpaceGrid systems to put products on full display, organized and front-faced all day long – without a front lens.

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Maximum Product Visibility for Maximum Sales

SpaceGrid OpenView is designed to deliver the appearance of a free-standing display, with all the organization and shelf management benefits of a pusher system. The secret is the patent-pending flexible rubber gates at the front of the tray, which securely hold products and provide maximum visibility. The new pusher technology distributes just the right amount of pressure between each product, preventing items from clinging together or tearing when removed. That makes SpaceGrid OpenView the ideal merchandising solution for shrink-wrapped produce, such as mushrooms and vegetables.

SpaceGrid OpenView delivers results

  • Maximized product visibility
  • Reduced shrink
  • Improved labor efficiency
  • Enhanced shopping experience

Maximize Retail Display Space and Your Return on Investment

Flexible rubber gates hold products securely

Unique rubber gate eliminates the need for a plastic lens and makes it easy for customers to remove and return products

Sloped pusher tray creates smooth movement

Gravity-fed design with light spring allows shrink-wrapped products to glide forward with ease – eliminating the concern of torn shrink wrap

High, adjustable walls prevent side-to-side interaction

Tray sidewalls adjust quickly and easily to fit product widths from 5″ to 7.8″

Pullout trays for fast, easy restocking

Reduce stocking time and help promote better product rotation

Unique tray design maintains proper airflow

Built-in baffle directs cold air to flow through product, ensuring proper air flow in open air coolers

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