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frozen dinners at a grocery store displayed using a Retail Space Solutions pusher tray

February 14, 2024

3 Ways Pusher Trays Can Increase Frozen & Refrigerated Food Profits

Reduce cooling costs and increase the profitability of your store's frozen and refrigerated products by adding pusher trays.

Grocery store owners are constantly assessing ways to improve the bottom line by reducing operating costs. Some of the store’s bigger ticket items live in the frozen and refrigerated coolers throughout the store. And each time a bag of mozzarella, a frozen dinner or a package of bacon leaves a cooler, dollars and cents are escaping along with it. How can stores sell more frozen and refrigerated products while reducing cooling costs, false out-of-stocks, shrink and stocking time?

Here are three ways pusher trays can increase the profitability (and sustainability) of your store’s frozen and refrigerated products.

Speed Up Stocking Process

Restocking or adjusting products to ensure a proper product rotation leads to cold employees and elevated cooling costs. With pusher trays, simply push the button below each tray to pull it forward. No need to thread each bag of cheese onto a bar ever again!

Reduce Spoilage with Proper Temperatures

Whether lunch meat or produce, it is important that all frozen and refrigerated products have proper airflow. Innovations like the SpaceGrid® II or SpaceGrid® II on-Bar pusher trays offer a unique design, which uses a baffle to circulate air around each item ensuring proper temperature distribution. Less time with the doors open and reduced temperature fluctuation minimizes the foggy appearance of refrigerator doors. This makes it easier for shoppers to make their selection before opening, which is better for the bottom line, the customer and our planet!

Use Every Inch More Wisely

Pusher trays can ensure every inch of cooler space is utilized. Trays such as our SpaceGrid II are available in various depths (14”, 16”, 18” and 20” and can adjust to fit products from 3.6” to 10.9” wide). This means more products can be stocked at a time, which prevents false out-of-stocks, which can lead to a loss of sales.

Pusher trays are an in-store upgrade that your customers and staff will both enjoy. Browse our innovative product offerings to find the best pusher tray for your packaged produce, meat, dairy, frozen foods and more. Contact the Retail Space Solutions team for a personalized quote.