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August 30, 2021

Picnic Foods Take The Lead on Labor Day

As you flip through the calendar, the holiday most notably synonymous with food is Thanksgiving. But there is another holiday that has quickly become equally food-centric — Labor Day. While we know Labor Day is a time to enjoy extravagant barbeques celebrating the waning days of summer, the federal holiday is rooted deeper in American history than sliced bread.

In the Beginning

American labor activists in the nineteenth century spent more than a decade pushing for a day recognizing their socioeconomic contributions to building America from the ground up. After more than a decade of lobbying, Congress passed an act in 1894 to recognize every first Monday in September as a federal holiday. Since then, Americans have revolutionized the day and turned it into a frenzied feast.

An Evolution

What began as a day off and tip of the hat to American workers, has evolved into a celebration with family, friends, and, in true American fashion, food — abundant amounts of food. When we look at holidays known for their large-scale grilling, Labor Day is tied for having the second-highest percentage of Americans who center their festivities around the grill. And with widespread grilling comes widespread grocery shopping.

Yes, That Many Hot Dogs

Every year grocery store shelves are picked clean of classic chargrill foods like burgers, brats, and buns as people flock to grocery stores preparing for festivities. Hot dogs are also a hot commodity as summer is considered peak “hot dog season.” In fact, between Memorial Day and Labor Day alone, a whopping 7,000,000,000 consumed at a rate of 818 hot dogs per second.

In the celebration of Labor Day, there is no food left off the menu and supporting characters come in the form of condiments, fruits, vegetables, pastas, sweets, and refreshments. As critical as it is to ensure people are stocked up on their preferred “to-go-withs”, it’s important to have stock fresh and ready for the rush of hungry picnickers.

RSS at the Ready

Retail Space Solutions state-of-the-art pusher display systems with shoppers in mind, particularly those drawn to well-organized shelves full of products. Poorly organized shelves may result in false out-of-stocks, jumbled displays, and shoppers who may take their business elsewhere – especially during a holiday weekend notorious for heavy foot traffic. For grocery shoppers with places to go and people to see, pusher display systems help them avoid the frustration of disorganized shelves.

The advanced merchandisers from Retail Space Solutions are designed to create a safe, efficient, and convenient shopping experience for both customers and store employees. From our advanced pusher tray systems to the innovative shelving bar solutions, pusher display systems automatically ensure that products are front-faced, shelves are organized and customers believe that they are your top priority.

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