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February 22, 2021

How to Create Pleasing Product Displays

The produce section is normally the first thing customers see when they walk into a store. Poor and unorganized displays can deter the customer experience. Retail Space Solutions has a proven product line that's perfect for creating pleasing product displays. Read more to learn why...

In most grocery stores, the first thing customers see when they walk in is the produce section – the area of the store that can make or break the customer experience. Customers impressed by colorful, neat displays of fruits and vegetables are put at ease and are encouraged to spend time elsewhere in the store. Conversely, the sight of off-putting produce displays may cause some customers to take their business elsewhere.

The SpaceGrid® II pusher system from Retail Space Solutions is the key to creating eye-catching displays. Here are three ways the SpaceGrid® II pusher system can improve the appearance of the produce aisle in your store – while also improving the shopping experience and your bottom line.

  1. Maintain consistent freshness

These days, quick and convenient are two words that define the ideal meal prep and cooking experience. Packaged and prepared fresh produce has recently grown in popularity, drawing in shoppers who want to make healthy food choices without time to wash and cut vegetables.

As a grocer, you know full well the challenge of reducing shrink due to the limited shelf life with prepacked, fresh-cut produce. Without proper shelf management and effective refrigeration, packaged produce may spoil quickly – ultimately turning shoppers away and hurting your bottom line.

SpaceGrid® II pusher systems from Retail Space Solutions are the ideal complement for package produce displays. Compatible with more than 97% of coolers, these pusher systems are designed to keep shelves organized and packaged-produce front-faced. Additionally, the patented channel system built into the trays is designed to allow refrigerated air to flow freely below the packages to help maintain freshness.

  1. Ensure cleanliness and hygiene

Maintaining fresh produce on the shelves is important but overlooking the display units themselves could be a mistake. Unclean shelves and pusher trays give the impression that the produce is not fresh and give your business a bad look. Employees should be regularly cleaning shelves and trays to maintain a sanitary look.

Easy cleaning is a big benefit offered to stores using SpaceGrid® II pusher systems. With just the touch of a button, the SpaceGrid® II tray slides out to make both cleaning and restocking easy. Because the modular system uses a grid-mounting system, rearranging trays is also easy when planograms change.

  1. Make it appealing

Cramming too many products on shelves or having disorganized pre-packaged produce displays are unattractive for shoppers, potentially turning them away to your competitor. Having the right merchandising system can improve the organization and aesthetics on the shelf, positively impacting the in-store experience for shoppers.

Ensuring attractive, organized shelves, SpaceGrid® II pusher systems keep produce packages front-faced for faster and easier selection, which is great for sales. Labor is also streamlined with our SpaceGrid® II, which features trays that are equipped with adjustable side walls that can be quickly resized to fit various package sizes, making it easy to customize your solution.

Following these tips can help delight your customers and deliver results with attractive prepared-produce displays. Retail Space Solutions helps you keep produce where it belongs and attractively presented to drive sales and decrease shrink.

For more information on the SpaceGrid® II or other pusher systems from Retail Space Solutions, visit or call 1-800-279-5291.