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January 23, 2020

How Shelving Solutions Upgrade The Shopping Experience AND Boost Sales

Store presence – particularly, shelf organization – is vital for retail success, and the display systems in place on the shelf can make or break a shopper’s decision to buy.

Shoppers actively see and consider only about 50% of the brands on the shelf, according to an eye-tracking study published in Visual Marketing: From Attention to Action. If shoppers are unable to find what they’re looking for within eight to ten seconds, they often walk away.

Store presence – particularly, shelf organization – is vital for retail success, and the display systems in place on the shelf can make or break a shopper’s decision to buy. Shelf organization affects several factors when it comes to the customer experience and the bottom line – from a shopper’s value perception to their buying decisions.

The right shelving systems can influence perception, engagement, purchase intent and ultimately, sales. Here’s why.

Visibility = Value

With so many brands on the market today, shelf space is tighter. And with so much choice, shoppers desire a simple experience. Product visibility is important so customers can clearly view options in order to make quick and easy selections.

Pusher systems – like the SpaceGrid II from Retail Space Solutions – automatically and smoothly move products to the front and keep them front-faced at all times for greater visibility and convenience. Products that are within sight and within arm’s reach are more likely to be placed in the cart. These pusher systems also reduce or eliminate false out of stocks – products that are really on the shelf but are hidden.

How Neat!

A study conducted by consulting firm Bain Insights revealed that “marketing to consumer behavior in response to well-organized shelves can enhance sales outlooks by 5 to 15%.”

Neat shelves improve efficiency. When products are well-ordered, shoppers can efficiently browse the aisles and perimeters, find what they are seeking and even discover new products that pique their interest. Similarly, when shelves are organized, staff members can stock and condition items with minimal effort – thus reducing labor costs and allowing more time for customer interaction and other duties.

“We know from our consumer research that shoppers perceive a well-organized, front-faced category as fresh and in-date, leading to bigger basket sizes and loyal shoppers,” Retail Space Solutions leaders stated at the 2019 StorePoint Conference.

Cluttered shelves with dislodged, rotated and damaged products cause concern for shoppers. Not only do they view untidiness as a reflection of careless staff and management; they consider disorderly products to be of lesser value. Also, with a pusher system in place, shoppers spend less time spotting products, as opposed to having to hunt for them when no pusher system is installed.

Facing Reality

Additional facings expand the number of options, make more products more accessible to customers and create fuller looking displays. When shelf space is maximized, vertically or horizontally, there is more room for more products. SpaceGrid® pusher systems and MagnaBar™ peg  systems add facings by more efficiently utilizing vertical and horizontal space.

A product’s placement, packaging design, arrangement, and product adjacencies are key drivers that will either capture or deter a shopper’s attention. When products are upright, undamaged and positioned at the front of the shelf, their quality is automatically deemed higher.

The right shelving solutions deliver positive customer experience and positive returns on investment. Retail Space Solutions offers lines of innovative shelving systems that improve product visibility, enrich the overall store appearance, support staff efficiency and, of course, increase sales.