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Fresh Produce

October 7, 2020

Behold The Power of Produce

According to experts, fresh produce has the power to make or break a customer's shopping experience. In fact, over half of all shoppers select their grocer based on the quality of their produce section. In order to grow produce sales, grocers need to get creative with their displays that draw attention to their products. Enter our SpaceGrid®II Pusher system. This system keeps produce products front-faced and organized all day long. Read more below...

There’s much more to fresh fruits and vegetables than you might think. You might say there’s power in produce.

According to experts, fresh produce has the power to make or break a grocer. In short, well over half of all shoppers select their grocer based on the quality of the fresh produce section.

A recent joint study from FMI – The Food Industry Association and 210 Analytics found that 99% of consumers they surveyed purchase fresh produce. Because of that, 210 Analytics President Anne-Marie Roerink believes that fresh produce has the power to determine a store’s future.

“Fresh produce has an enormous impact on grocery,” Roerink is quoted as saying in a report published by “It’s the number one reason why people shop one store over another.”

Still, while virtually all consumers pick up fresh produce from time to time, the average 4% growth rate of fresh produce sales lags behind the growth in sales of frozen products.

With most consumer products, the key to increased sales is to increase the size of the customer base. Boosting sales of fresh produce will not come from growing the customer base, which is already near 100%. It comes down to this: those customers already buying fresh produce need to buy more.

But how? The FMI/210 Analytics report The Power of Produce makes it clear that produce purchases are typically pre-determined, based on menu plans and other routines. That means fresh items are anything but ripe for impulse purchase.

According to Roerink, the growth opportunity exists with strategic and creative displays that draw consumers into trying new fresh products. “There’s a lot of growth in getting people to try items they haven’t bought before,” Roerick is quoted by Supermarket Perimeter. “That’s a great way to grow penetration.”

Displays that inspire meals and signage that makes clear the shelf life of the fresh items can help motivate shoppers to add items to their baskets.

The influence of the produce section cannot be overstated. When greeted by colorful, well-stocked produce displays, shoppers will feel better about their shopping experience. A feeling that will extend beyond the perimeter into the rest of the store.

Organization is key. Because of that, many grocers are turning to pusher display systems to help manage and display prepackaged fresh items, such as chopped salads and prepared fresh vegetables.

SpaceGrid® II from Retail Space Solutions is designed to keep clamshell, bagged and boxed produce packages front-faced and organized all day long. That organization in refrigerated cases creates attractive, appealing displays that enhance the overall look and feel of the entire produce section.

“It’s a subtle thing, but if the displays of refrigerated products are well maintained, consumers will be more likely to trust the quality of the fresh produce on display throughout the section,” said Joe Crum, Director of Marketing and eCommerce for Retail Space Solutions. “Not only will that give them the confidence to buy more fresh items, but they are likely to have a more positive feeling about the store that they take into their entire grocery shopping experience.”

To learn more about SpaceGrid II and the complete line of pusher display systems available from Retail Space Solutions, visit or call 800-279-5291.