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2021 Trends

December 30, 2020

3 Key Grocery Trends for 2021

Everyone is looking for a fresh start in 2021. Here are three key trends to look for in the retail industry we can expect to see in 2021...

After a year like 2020, everyone is ready for new beginnings. In the grocery industry, the use of digital technologies has been vital for many operations in surviving the year. When looking ahead to the new year, we see many new trends ahead that we expect to affect consumer behavior in 2021. Here are three insights on consumer grocery shopping behavior that we feel retailers can expect to see in 2021.

1. There will be a heightened focus on customer experience in 2021

Shoppers are seeking special and unique experiences in retail, and grocery is not excluded from this trend. Especially in the midst of a pandemic, consumers want to feel a sense of safety throughout their shopping experience, which means that grocers must continue to promote social distancing, frequent sanitation and other measures as recommended by local health guidelines.

Websites and mobile apps will continue to help grocers communicate with shoppers about available products and deals, which adds to their experience. Apps for grocery retailers have seen a surge in use in the past few years, with usage expected to reach an overall increase of 133% by 2021.

2. Customers want sustainable products and alternatives

Sustainability has been at the top of many consumers’ minds in recent years. This trend will continue to gain traction in 2021. Recent studies have shown that as many as 80% of Millennials believe that being eco-friendly will improve their quality of life. That stat alone should drive grocers to place special emphasis on stocking products that promote sustainability.

A large portion of consumers view plastic packaging as damaging to the environment. Offering environmentally friendly alternatives will be key to serving these shoppers. Recently, grocery giant Kroger announced its plans to achieve 100% sustainable packaging for their Our Brands products within the next decade, a clear demonstration of the importance of this trend.

3. Expect to see a boost in health foods

Consumers are putting their health first in 2021. Grocers can anticipate an increase in sales for foods and beverages with functional benefits. These items can support the immune system, digestion, energy, cognitive health and more. Premium, convenient health beverages like kombucha, green juice and sparkling water are in the spotlight for 2021.

Because of their packaging, premium juices and health drinks often become disorganized on traditional shelves and require continual and time-consuming conditioning to keep products front-faced to avoid false out-of-stocks. With their heavy weight and susceptibility to damage, these drinks need a unique solution to keep them protected and organized on the shelf. The SpaceDriver II pusher display system from Retail Space Solutions solves these challenges, giving shoppers the quality experience they expect.

Along with the rise of premium health drinks, shoppers will expect keto-friendly snacks like cheese crisps and popped protein chips. Snack foods must be easy for customers to find and easy for store employees to stock. Keep center store shelves clear of clutter with the SimpliStock Wire and Metal System also from Retail Space Solutions. This pusher tray solution attaches to your existing store fixtures for easy installation and greater shelf organization.

To learn more about the pusher display systems available from Retail Space Solutions, visit or call 800-279-5291.