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Produce Inventory Management

March 4, 2021

Inventory Management Best Practices

Inventory management is a key factor in determining a grocery store’s success. Poor management of a store’s inventory can lead to a loss of profit, increased spoilage, frequent out-of-stocks and dissatisfied customers. On the other hand, grocers that pay careful attention to their inventory operations will see increased customer satisfaction and a boost to their bottom line. Here are some best practices for inventory management that, when followed, can help your store exceed expectations.

Refine Your Store Replenishment

A retailer’s store replenishment has a direct impact on both revenues and profits. That’s simply because stocked – or poorly stocked – shelves can have a large impact on the shopping experience for customers. Think about it: most of us, at some point, have left a grocery store frustrated because some of the products we wanted were out of stock.

Stock management in frozen is particularly challenging, and paying special attention to the replenishment process there will better your store’s on-shelf availability, ultimately boosting sales and increasing revenue. Retail Space Solutions makes improving the frozen foods replenishment process easier than you think. SpaceGrid®II HiGlide pusher display systems manage frozen shelves, keeping products front-faced and eliminating false out of stocks. The pusher system holds products securely while easily retracting to allow for quick stocking. SpaceGrid II HiGlide simplifies restocking in the freezer aisle even further with trays that easily slide forward for efficient backfilling. SpaceGrid II HiGlide shelves attach to an innovative grid-mounting system, allowing for more product facings while keeping floppy, frozen food bags upright and organized.

Minimize Inventory Shrink

A word heard often when talking about inventory management is shrink, which is typically the result of spoilage. While keeping shelves stocked is a key factor in boosting customer satisfaction, having too much product – or not keeping products fresh – leads to increased shrink and ultimately lower profits.

As you know, prepackaged, fresh-cut produce has a limited shelf-life and can spoil quickly without proper shelf management and effective refrigeration. The SpaceGridâ II is the ideal solution to minimize shrink and maximize sales for packaged salad and cut vegetables. SpaceGrid II pusher trays are equipped with unique channels that promote the flow of cool air under product package, which helps prevent spoilage. The pusher display systems create beautiful displays that remain front-faced and organized to help shoppers find what they need quickly.

Keep Shelves Organized

Cluttered, disorganized shelves of juices and other bottled products not only turn away customers, but they can also lead to misplaced products. That makes the restocking process more challenging and the job more demanding.

Keep premium juice displays organized and attractive with the SpaceDriver™ II from Retail Space Solutions. The patented controlled-pusher movement in the SpaceDriver II automatically regulates the speed and force at which the bottled products slide forward – keeping them in the right place and reducing the risk of false out-of-stocks. Transform your displays with this shelf solution that adjusts to allow multiple products of varying shapes and sizes to be displayed next to each other while keeping products front-faced for fast purchase decisions.

For more information on pusher display solutions from Retail Space Solutions, visit or call 1-800-279-5291.