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SpaceGrid® HiGlide

Create attractive, organized displays and a better customer experience with pusher trays.

Countless varieties of product packaging and routine customer shopping take a toll on frozen displays. SpaceGrid® HiGlide™ Pusher Trays are engineered to enable faster restocking and increase sales.

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Built to Withstand the Rigors of the Freezer and Designed to Move Merchandise

Countless varieties of product packaging and routine customer shopping take a toll on frozen food display cases. Premium pusher systems are engineered to meet those challenges and increase sales.

The SpaceGrid® HiGlide™ Pusher Trays deliver results

  • Better presentation drives quick buying decisions
  • More facings through SpaceGrid’s innovative design
  • Faster restocking means less open-door time

Maximize Retail Display Space and Your Return on Investment

Front-faced product creates a fresh feel daily

Brings product to the front to create a new-store opening feel daily, making purchasing easier for shoppers

Grid-mounting system increases product facings

SpaceGrid adds facings by more efficiently utilizing space vertically and horizontally

Pull-out trays make for easy restocking

Reduce restocking time by simply lifting the tray, pulling it forward and quickly restocking

High divider walls manage tall or bagged items

4″-high walls ensure all product can be pushed to the front, including heavy, tall or floppy packages, like bags of frozen vegetables or fruit

Durable components provide long-term performance

Platform, pusher and trays are built from ABS plastic for durability, while polycarbonate lenses keep product visible and secured in the pusher

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