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June 15, 2020

What to Expect During A Store Assessment

Everyone needs regular checkups to ensure good health. And just like people, retail locations require periodic examination to make sure they’re in good working order. We at Retail Space Solutions offer free, in-depth site assessments, offering display recommendations based on our customer's needs.

Everyone needs regular checkups to ensure good health. And just like people, retail locations require periodic examination to make sure they’re in good working order. Retail Space Solutions offers free and in-depth individual store assessments for large retail brands that are designed to create quality solutions and displays to boost sales.

According to Brian Isaacson, Sales Director Retail Space Solutions, store assessments are a valuable tool to get a better understanding of their customers and help identify opportunities. “One of the main purposes of a store assessment is to identify and understand pain points that retailers and brands are having,” Isaacson said. “These may include out of stocks, adding new facings and shelf disorganization.”

What are the Benefits of a Store Assessment?

Each store assessment is tailored to meet the customer’s unique business objectives, goals and challenges. When looking for premium quality solutions to create attractive retail display spaces, sales directors collaborate closely with customers and recommend how and where specific retail products should be placed on shelves or displays in order to increase sales.

Store assessments give sales directors at Retail Space Solutions the opportunity to talk to in-store personnel, which is an essential component of this strategy. “We want to speak their language,” Isaacson explained. “We have the chance to visually understand the customer journey by taking a walk in their shoes. We walk through aisles, browse shelves, get a feel for offerings and interact with staff members.”

What Happens During a Store Assessment?

The most effective store assessments involve a store walk-through with the key contact. This takes place after a discussion of the features and benefits of Retail Space Solutions pusher tray systems and as well as a general agreement to conduct a product trial. “This is an invaluable opportunity for the customer as we together visit different categories and make assessments based on observations to create solutions to improve the shopping experience,” Isaacson said. “We’re problem solvers. At the end of the day, we want to improve the shopping experiences for their guests.”

With the store’s permission, the sales director takes photos, which provide a visual record of pain points or other identified issues. The assessment will also include a study of the number of current and potential product facings and the overall visual presentation of the shelves. “We’re trying to understand the situation and paint the picture right for our customers,” Isaacson explained.

How Long Does a Store Assessment Take?

The length of a store assessment commonly depends on the size of the location, as well as the type of store. Convenience stores, grocery stores and Big Box retailers may have slightly different assessment rubrics. Assessments typically take between 15 and 30 minutes.

How Often Should Store Assessments Take Place?

Most retailers execute planogram changes twice a year. Because of this, it’s recommended that store assessments take place at least semiannually to analyze and optimize these changes.

Want to Schedule a Store Assessment?

Retail Space Solutions is here to help with each and every step of the process, from planning to purchasing to installation to aftermarket support. To learn more or to schedule a store assessment with a Retail Space Solutions Sales Director, call 800-279-5291 or fill out the contact form.