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September 9, 2020

The Value of Efficiency in Grocery Stores

With football season upon us, stores are preparing for the influx in sales of prepackaged meat. Because let's be honest, what's better than a brat before kickoff? As stores prepare for this influx, its crucial that they keep their prepackaged meat section like hot dogs, brats, and other grillable, stocked and organized. This can be done with the help of our SpaceGrid®II pusher system. Read more to learn how...

The days of summer may be coming to a close but grilling season isn’t slowing down. With football season nearly upon us, stores are preparing for the run on prepackaged meats because let’s be honest, what’s better than a Sunday brat before kickoff?

Any grocery aisle that shelves prepackaged meat in the coming months is going to be picked over and picked over again. Prepackaged brats, sausages, hotdogs, any other grill-able item you can think of will be the shopping list must-haves. While more people aim to spend less time in grocery stores these days, making sure customers can shop efficiently is more crucial than ever for any grocer.

Providing a less stressful shopping experience relies on how efficiently a customer can find what they need. When shopping can be done efficiently, it fosters a growing trust between a grocer and a shopper, which in turn creates repeat customers.

Organization, accessibility, and easy restocking are exactly what makes navigating the prepackaged meat displays a breeze. And all of that is made easy with SpaceGrid II® – a modular pusher system built to keep product front-facing and product rotation smooth.

With all the incoming sports fans ready to literally bring home the bacon, there is going to be continuous product restocking. SpaceGrid II makes it easy to replenish stock by simply pushing the button located under the tray, pulling it forward and filling the tray with new products in no time. This reduces the risk of empty shelves and false out-of-stocks that bog down the shoppers’ goal of getting food to cart quickly.

Prepackaged meats come in all shapes and sizes but with the SpaceGrid II, there’s no need to worry. The pusher systems trays can be adjusted to accommodate package sizes ranging from 5 to 10.9”. This way stores can display the tried and true grilling meats like sausages and hotdogs all in succession in a sharp-looking display.

It’s well-known that prepackaged meats don’t have the shelf life of a bottle of mustard. Perishable items like meat require adequate refrigeration to effectively preserve their longevity. SpaceGrid II keeps products front-facing and orderly but it’s also designed to allow cold air to flow through the products to avoid potential food spoilage. Efficiency is directly correlated to product availability but product that isn’t kept at the right temperature isn’t able to be sold. With SpaceGrid II, temperature distribution keeps the product fresh for the picking.

In the eyes of the customer, an efficient shopping trip is a successful shopping trip. Provide them with an experience that lets them feel safe and well-taken care of. Adding SpaceGrid II pusher tray system to your displays gives the customer all that and more. That’s a rare level of efficiency due to a job well done by the SpaceGrid II.