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July 31, 2020

Navigating The Frozen Food Section

As the COVID-19 Pandemic carries on, the demand for frozen foods surges. To keep your frozen foods section looking their best and readily available, Retail Space Solutions has a quick solution for your shelving needs.

There aren’t many words that produce a positive reaction like the word “fresh.” And there aren’t many store sections you want looking fresh more than frozen food areas. Organization, aesthetics, and convenience are part of what keeps today’s customers satisfied and coming back to grocery stores, especially during a time when frozen foods have never been more depended upon.

An industry surges

According to recent research by the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI), frozen food sales are up in the U.S. more than 20% from the first half of 2019, with an enormous spike beginning in mid-March at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the uncertainty of when things will return to normal, projections show that sales of frozen foods won’t be slowing down soon as people look to stockpile products that haven’t had purchasing limits imposed.

To keep your frozen foods looking their best and readily available, Retail Space Solutions has an out-of-the-box, dependable solution to your shelving needs — SimpliStock™ for both wire and metal shelves.

Organization is key

SimpliStock is a modular pusher system that creates a shopping experience tailored to the needs of a consumer’s fast-paced lifestyle. You’re all too familiar with the chaos of products strewn about lacking the organization shoppers desire. With SimpliStock, the customer experience is enhanced by keeping each product front-facing and accessible. Having an organized frozen food section is critical to helping shoppers get in and get out.

Built from rugged ABS and HIPS plastics, which makes the platforms and pushers highly durable, SimpliStock is easily installed on metal shelves using magnets to hold each pusher in place. For wire shelves, plastic push-through stabilizers secure SimpliStock to the shelving to avoid slips and breaks during the shopper’s pick and grab. Because SimpliStock keeps shelves neat and orderly, conditioning time is significantly reduced. And due to products always being front faced, false out-of-stocks are reduced as well.

It’s a two-way street

SimpliStock is easily adjustable, allowing it to accommodate a myriad of different product package sizes. Components – which include sidewalls and pusher – can be quickly and simply adjusted to fit products and new planograms as need be. That allows stores to coordinate new product displays with ease.

It isn’t just the shopper who benefits from orderly shelving units. When shoppers find their products quickly, not being forced to rummage through messy shelves, trying to find their meal of choice, the less time a door is open. That saves on energy and your overall operational costs.

Make the experience one to remember

“We want to help create an environment that fosters trust,” said Joe Crum, Director of Marketing and eCommerce for Retail Space Solutions. “When shoppers trust they can find what they want quickly, without having to search high and low for it, they become loyal shoppers. And loyalty is everything.”

At the end of the day, shoppers are attracted to the simplicity of frozen food meals. And they want their grocery shopping ventures to be as simple as the meals themselves. That’s what SimpliStock offers — simplicity, for both the grocer and the shopper.