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October 30, 2020

It’s Alive! Halloween Candy Sales Trending Upwards!

Halloween festivities may not be the same as they have in years past, but that hasn't stopped consumers from purchasing a WHOPPING amount of Halloween candy in 2020. Grocers are looking for easier ways to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Adding a pusher system like the SimpliStock™ Wire and Metal Shelf can easily help stocking and restocking as consumers buyers fly through the candy aisle.

A rush bigger than what you get from sugar has overtaken grocery store candy aisles this Halloween season. While the coronavirus pandemic may have altered the way kids and parents are approaching the witching hour this year, early indicators are there’ll be no shortage of candy consumption. In fact, it seems the consumer sweet tooth is going to be as satisfied as ever.

According to the National Confectioners Association, Halloween chocolate and candy sales are surging in 2020. In a four-week period ending September 6, overall retail sales for sugary delights are up a whopping 13.5 percent over the same period in 2019. And for the retail grocery stores having to supply folks with candy and chocolate? Halloween chocolate and candy sales are up a hair-raising 17.1%.

“It’s our Super Bowl,” Christopher Gindlesperger, Senior VP of Public Affairs for the National Confectioners Association, told CNBC. “It’s our World Cup moment.”

And he isn’t kidding.

The National Retail Federation expects US consumers to spend $8.05 billion on Halloween in 2020, with $2.4 billion being on candy alone. Even though this figures to be an 8% drop in consumer spending due to new restrictions and guidelines because of the pandemic, people that are celebrating will spend about 6% more on average.

There you have it. Adding social distancing guidelines and creative ways of distributing candy to trick-or-treaters hasn’t stopped consumers from buying candy. And all this spending means retail grocers should be prepared for the late push on chocolate and candy.

“Festivities aren’t quite the same as in years past but the volume of sweets being purchased is as high as we’ve seen in recent years,” says Joe Crum, Director of Marketing and eCommerce for Retail Space Solutions. “And with so much being bought in bulk, grocers can make it easier on themselves by adding a product like SimpliStock™ Wire and Metal Shelf pusher display systems, which make stocking, conditioning and restocking easy.”

Featuring versatility, simplicity and flexibility, SimpliStock Wire and Metal Shelf systems is the perfect addition to candy aisles that are inevitably going to be ravaged in the coming days. From enormous family-size bags to smaller, individual packages, SimpliStock adapts to any Halloween treat package width. These systems also enhance the customer experience by displaying an organized environment, which allows consumers to select their choice in sweets faster than a witch’s broomstick.

“It’s not a surprise that candy and chocolate sales are up over last year,” Crum said. “Halloween candy is an affordable indulgence during a time when we could also use a little more sweetness in our daily activities.”

So, as consumers flock to stores to stock up on their favorite sweets, they appreciate nothing more than safety and convenience. Retail Space Solutions will continue to provide that environment for those working hard to keep the spooky season alive.

To learn more about SimpliStock Wire and Metal Shelf pusher displays, and the complete line of pusher display systems available from Retail Space Solutions, visit or call 800-279-5291.