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March 9, 2022

Give Fresh Salads A Refresh This Spring

As the weather heats up, more shoppers will be picking up ingredients for salads, a meal staple that helps them stay cool (and healthy). See how upgrades to your store’s salad section can help improve the customer experience...

Salads are fast to prepare, don’t require the oven or stovetop, and they’re very Instagram-worthy, too. So before the summer salad rush, give your store a refresh by upgrading the retail fixtures in your salad section. How can this improve the in-store experience?

Shopping: Made Easier

For those on the go, pre-packaged salads are a must. No recipe is required. Research shows 242 million people use pre-packed salads, and the number of consumers purchasing these salads will increase to an anticipated 251 million by 2024. From apple walnut to zesty Italian, the right display allows shoppers to browse all available pre-packed salad choices at a glance.

We know that today’s in-store shoppers are expecting speed. With the SpaceGrid® II pusher display system, stores can utilize space vertically while keeping all products front-facing for faster, easier buying decisions for shoppers and easier picking for in-store click and collect pickers. This same technology can also be applied to bagged greens like lettuce, spinach, kale, and spring mix to give the whole department a clean, cohesive image.

Stocking: Made Faster

Rotating bagged salads is a must to keep older products upfront, newer ones in the back. But you already know that. So, how can this process be made easier? The right displays. The SpaceGrid® II is easy for shoppers to browse, but it’s also more efficient for employees to stock. Workers can use the easy-to-use pull-out tray to rotate products, restock or check inventory, which helps reduce shrink. After all, salads are made to be tossed in a bowl, not into the trash.

Stores: Made Cleaner

Pusher systems keep bagged product displays organized, and SpaceGrid® Shelf holds chilled salad dressings nearby and organized. Mounting to the same grid system used by the SpaceGrid pusher displays, the versatile SpaceGrid Shelf provides a great way to cross-sell premium dressing next to bags of leafy greens and more.

Do some spring cleaning in the salad section before summer salad sales soar. For more information on SpaceGrid Shelf, SpaceGrid II, or other innovative display solutions, visit or call 1-800-279-5291.