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January 20, 2021

From Clutter to Compelling: Improving Shelf Aesthetics

Unattractive shelves and store displays can have a negative outcome for both the customer and the store itself. It's crucial that grocery retailers optimize their displays to inspire customers. Uncover a few ways to improve your shelves to help create better product visibility...

Visibility and availability are the keys to sales for grocery retailers. Unattractive shelves and in-store displays can leave customers dissatisfied, potentially turning them away to your competitor. The most successful operations are those with shelves and displays that inspire their customers. Here are a few ways to improve visibility, optimize product placement and ensure availability at your store.

Develop winning displays

Create in-store displays that stop the shopper. Focus on making displays big, colorful and simple. Include an assortment of your best-selling products, basing the colors around those on the packaging. Create vertical or horizontal blocks, bearing in mind that displays should also be big enough to attract attention.

Signage should be both useful and compelling. Signs don’t just mark the business, they’re also a way to attract customers to a product, brand the business and create impulse sales. As a rule of thumb, your store signs should carry the same look and color as the rest of the brand, be well lit and be visually pleasing while still functional.

Organization is key

Don’t cram too many products on shelves or in the display area. Space equals money for real estate brokers; in retail, space equals luxury, and clutter is your enemy. Having the right merchandising system can improve the organization and aesthetics on the shelf, positively impacting the in-store experience for shoppers. Retail Space Solutions offers a variety of advanced pusher display systems, including merchandising options for produce, frozen foods, meat, and premium juices.

Ensuring attractive, organized shelves, SpaceGrid® II pusher systems keep products front-facing for faster and easier product selection. The pusher systems from Retail Space Solutions are adjustable, making it easy to customize your solution.

Manage Inventory

Keep your shelves properly stocked. Understock and you lose potential sales, as customers run to the competition to find what they need. Overstock and you tie up capital in excess inventory. SpaceGrid II from Retail Space Solutions makes restocking inventory quick and effortless. The product trays in SpaceGrid II slide forward with the simple push of a button to make restocking fast and product rotation easy.

For grocers, a key pain point in inventory management is spoiled food, which ultimately drives away customers and hurts your bottom line. The technology in SpaceGrid II keeps food fresher, longer. Its unique tray design directs cold air to flow through the product display, ensuring proper temperature distribution.

Making these measurable improvements to your business—beginning with shelf aesthetics and going beyond—supports sales and keeps your customers happy.

For more information on pusher trays or other solutions from Retail Space Solutions, visit or call 800-279-5291