SpaceGrid® DoubleSpace Pusher Trays

A Versatile SpaceGrid Solution for a Wide Range of Package Widths

Retail Space Solutions’ DoubleSpace™ pusher trays offer a new solution for narrow products that are difficult to display using other merchandising methods. Packaging that measures as little as 2 inches wide is neatly stocked in the DoubleSpace system, which can also simultaneously display products with widths ranging up to 8 inches. DoubleSpace pusher trays make it easy to attractively group different-sized products, all while delivering the improved merchandising aesthetics and easy product stocking that yield a significant return on your investment.

Removable Center Partition

  • In place, allows two products (each under 4″ wide) to occupy one tray
  • Removed, allows placements of one product up to 8″ wide
  • Storable under the tray

Independent, Lockable Side Wings

  • Each wing can be independently adjusted
  • Allows co-merchandising of different-sized products
  • Once in place, wings lock to avoid accidental movement

Pullout Tray

  • Allows a more efficient stocking process
  • Reduces labor time
  • Ensures proper stocking rotation of dated products and a reduction in out-of-stocks
  • Makes stocking easier by automatically locking pushers when the tray is removed, unlocking when the tray is replaced

Built to Boost Sales and Reduce Expenses

  • Front lens allows price and promotional information to be shown on tray
  • Lens can be removed without impacting product stability
  • Rugged ABS plastic tray is proven to withstand challenging retail environments

Before & After

DoubleSpace adjustable-width trays bring order to jumbled product displays, neatly grouping narrow products and wide products together.

  • Before


  • Before


  • Before


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