SpaceGrid® II Tray

Maximize Your Profitability and Display with SpaceGrid® II

SpaceGrid II automatically front-faces product, and the easy to pull-out tray allows for efficient rotation and restocking, boosting sales, while reducing out-of-stocks, shrink and labor effort.

Increase Visual Appeal

  • Products of all sizes stay front-facing and attractive
  • Shoppers can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for
  • Custom displays can be created to draw attention to featured products

Guard Against Shrink

  • Trays pull out to encourage proper stock rotation for less spoilage
  • Trays with airflow channels ensure appropriate refrigeration
  • Pusher tray system keeps products organized to reduce out-of-stocks

Reduce Labor

  • Tray systems are self-conditioning and need little attention
  • Tray restocking is quick and easy
  • Ruggedly constructed, this tray system delivers proven durability and corrosion resistance in challenging retail environments

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