SpaceGrid® HiGlide Pusher Trays

Give Bagged Food a Boost with SpaceGrid® HiGlide Pusher Trays

The HiGlide™ pusher tray design helps address unique packaging challenges such as weight, interior product movement and side-to-side interaction with other products. HiGlide also improves your merchandising aesthetics and makes stocking easier with a pullout tray, which directly improves your return on investment.

Increase Visual Appeal

  • Products of all sizes stay front-facing and attractive
  • Shoppers can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for
  • Custom displays can be created to draw attention to featured products

Reduce Conditioning and Restocking Time

  • Restocking and conditioning time is greatly reduced through HiGide’s pull-out tray and automatic front facing. Employees can spend more time serving customers

Increased Facings

  • SpaceGrid® provides efficient use of vertical space & tighter pack out horizontally for more facings than shelves. The more facings you set – the more you can sell.

Before & After

Bagged food presents problems for traditional shelving and quickly becomes disorganized and unattractive. SpaceGrid HiGlide trays can support tall bags and keep them looking attractive to shoppers.

  • Before
  • Before
  • Before

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