SimpliStock Pusher Trays

Fresh Look for Frozen

The HiGlide™ pusher tray design helps address unique packaging challenges such as weight, interior product movement and side-to-side interaction with other products. HiGlide also improves your merchandising aesthetics and makes stocking easier with a pullout tray, which directly improves your return on investment.

Improved Product Presentation

  • The billboard effect of front faced product displays creates the feel of a new store opening every day and makes purchasing decisions easier for shoppers.

Reduce Conditioning Time

  • While wire and metal shelves are the most common freezer fixtures, they’re also the most commonly cluttered and untidy. SimpliStock keeps frozen products front-faced and organized all day long using your existing shelves.

Flexible Ordering and Design

  • Strong magnetic platform holds pusher in place on metal shelves, while push-through stabilizers ensure platforms rest securely on wire shelves
  • Divider walls and pushers move quickly and easily to fit products and adjust to new planograms
  • Components are flexible and can be ordered as needed to match the exact number of facings

Before & After

Shoppers are in and out of the freezer all the time. SimpliStock pusher systems help drive sales and make it easy to maintain a new store look from open to close.

  • Before
  • Before
  • Before

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